Will Donald Trump Change Your Estate Plan?

How will Trump change estate tax
Estate Plans in Kansas City

Estate Plans in Kansas City may be impacted by the Trump Presidency. The election cycle created a number of questions for estate planning attorneys in Overland Park and throughout the metro area. Each candidate presented their views on estate tax, which as one commentator noted where completely opposite of each other. Now that the election is over, we can begin to look at President-Elect Trump’s position on topics such as Estate Tax. His platform proposed eliminating the estate tax (or death tax as his team refers to it), which may impact high net worth estates. While the majority of plans may not be impacted by this proposal, it does tell of things to come. Of course, candidates often change their position once elected and Trump may do so as well, but estate plans need to accommodate this new variable.

The article linked from the Shawnee Mission Post provides good insight into what to expect for estate plans in Kansas

Trump’s Stance on Estate Tax